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Autumn Seminar - 7 & 8 novembre 2019 - Bordeaux

du jeudi 07 novembre 2019 au vendredi 08 novembre 2019

The challenge of change:
changing models and methods for the management of transformational change in contemporary higher education

University of Bordeaux, France
November 7-8, 2019

Autumn Seminar - 7 & 8 novembre 2019 - Bordeaux

Whether seeking gains in institutional efficiency, responding to shifts in policy and financing, or improving competitive academic advantage, many European universities are initiating strategic transformation programmes.

But the research evidence over the past 20 or more years consistently shows that about 70 per cent of all transformation programmes in all sectors fail to meet their objectives.

The key ingredients of strategic change in universities are not in dispute: effective leadership; a clear vision for a future operating model; and an aligned institutional culture. But the method to achieve sustainable change is much less clear, with institutions having invested in various sophisticated change management methods and models to guide their transformation programmes.  
Our seminar aims to explore and share experiences of these developments, covering themes that include :

  • evidence of what’s worked, what’s failed and what’s worth trying again
  • convergence and divergence of methods and approaches in the public and private sectors
  • using expert external and internal consultants to support transformation programmes, and
  • transformation sponsorship, leadership and followership

With inputs from a range of institutions as well as those with experience of other sectors, our seminar presents a unique opportunity to share experience and network with an international audience of HE professionals grappling with how best to manage the ‘challenge of change’.  
Register now to secure your place for what promises to be an engaging and innovative seminar.

Residential School Alumni are welcome at all HUMANE events.

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