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HUMANE 20th Anniversary Conference, June 9-10, Paris

HUMANE 20th Anniversary Conference, June 9-10, Paris

Crisis Leadership in Universities in a Globalised World

We are celebrating HUMANE’s 20th anniversary in Paris in June, 2017.  

Consistent with the global higher education challenges themes of recent annual conferences, the Paris Anniversary Conference will focus on Crisis leadership in universities in a globalised world.  The increased risk of violent incidents such as terrorist attacks, combined with the ubiquitous impact of social media and the 24-hour news cycle, mean that university leaders are often faced with existential crisis leadership challenges.  Most crises cannot be predicted; but the institutional response can be controlled.  Well led responses to crises in universities can have a lasting and positive impact on institutional culture and reputation. A poor response can saddle an institution with socio-cultural, political and economic problems for years to come.  

The confence will be hosted by College de France in collaboration with the recently established university and research community Paris Science et Lettres PSL.  

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