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HUMANE 2018 Study Visits

du dimanche 22 avril 2018 au mercredi 25 avril 2018

Visite de l’Université d’Utrecht aux Pays-bas organisée par Humane autour de thèmes de plus en plus présents dans nos établissements : ouvert soit aux DGS, soit à vos collaborateurs (trices) en charge de ces questions ou, le cas échéant, à vos vice-président(e)s

HUMANE 2018 Study Visits

Why universities need to change!

Sustainability, social responsibility and university leadership: strategic responses to sustainability challenges

The historic Paris Climate Change Agreement provided an impetus for universities to demonstrate more visibly, the unique role that they can play in effecting lasting change in relation to climate change by virtue of their role as knowledge-intensive organisations.

More than this, however, it put the spotlight on institutional leaders to demonstrate that universities had much more to do in the way they managed themselves in terms of their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions targets. 

It reminded us that sustainability management in universities has to go through a fundamental change in mindset, transitioning from being a worthy project involving a few changemakers, to a central feature of the institution’s ethos, character and strategy.  

Our study visit focuses on Utrecht University, an institution which has committed itself to making this journey. It is designed as an intensive, interactive programme over two and a half days, with participants arriving on the Sunday evening for an informal get-to-know-each-other dinner.

The programme culminates in the study visit team providing feedback on what they have learned to the Utrecht home team.  It promises to be a lively, engaging and enlightening programme.  

Register now to secure one of the last places - this is a popular programme with a limit of maximum 20 participants. 

There is a discount  for teams of participants from the same institution.
Visit our website for information on the full 2018 programme of events.

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